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That seven percent of me is gone. [26 Aug 2008|03:10pm]
As the door slams
echoing like thunder
and the specks of dust flow
in front of the headlights
under the moonlight
i'll follow your trail
the cars still running
i'll leave the lights on
i'll be right behind you
singing along

My intent
I can't express
though i'm not cold hearted
just a bit depressed
reverse the roles
in this catastrophe
give her the axe
make this a bedtime story

Now that i've been seen
obvious i've been caught
busy searching for my headlights
in that parking lot
but instead of a song
that breaks the air
the only sounds you're going to hear
my short breathes
an intoxicated walk
you'll be wading through my blood
as I go into shock

Drain me first
as it was meant to be
and leave the headlights on
as you pull away from the scene
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Blues and Greens [17 Aug 2008|12:31pm]
Ever get that feeling that when you've been sleeping, someone else has been in the room with you? Not in any weird, creepy ways, just, there in the room. Time tells you it's been hours, and that the said person is right there. So, you sit up slowly, clearing your eyes, waiting for them to adjust, and low and behold, that person, was never there at all. Just a cold antique oak chair positioned crookedly, facing the television across from you, as it's been for days. The t.v. blares words of the latest, most depressing news you've heard since yesterdays topics. This box can't tell you stories, this box can't sing you to sleep.
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Is anyone out there? [23 Jul 2008|02:18am]
It's refreshing isn't it? Stained finger nails and a pair of shaky wrists you can't rid yourself of. That same feeling you got when you were younger, that rush from a circus ferris wheel and a mouthful of cotton candy. The summer afternoon's passed and the bikes, laughter, and the sound of skateboards crawling along rough concrete go with the drifting sun. Now all that can be seen - a front patio and a sidewalk leading to a dim light-post about ten foot steps into the middle of your front yard, and a world of black surrounding it - this dull ball of off-yellow light touches only the last slither of driveway on the right side, leaving your vehicle completely lost some where out there, only feet away, but a universe apart, even as wide-eyed as you've become.

Dark circles cover your eyes like a night out on the town gone wrong. Mascara, eyeliner, a mesh of blue, purple, and gray eye shadows complimenting each other by bleeding together leaving behind a black-eye masquerade. Simply, you just havent slept in a long while. Could be days; Chances are something's effected you further back than that, and it's safe to say it's taken longer than a few mere weeks. Brittle, glossy hair and a shrinking, though unexcercised body leaves behind one obvious conclusion - you've consumed very little over a period of weeks, and moved even less - but why?

There comes a point in every persons life when they realize they need a change of pace for better or worse. For you it may have been piling four pounds of dirt on a half alive twenty-something all because he was giving you trouble on a bad day, whom you bumped into at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Burrowing the opposite end of a hammer into the back side of his cranium when he had his eyes placed else where - washing your windshield and pumping your gas all the while. Soon after, dragged by limbs into the back seat of your car, he's left unconscious and you're checking for the shovel in the trunk. Two tire marks and a trail of dirt in the air, the gas nossle off and the pump hose on the ground touching the soil, spilling unleaded gasoline into the earth not far off from where this unsettling incursion took place.

And now, now, now, now after taking it this far you witness first hand that you can't bring yourself to kill this person, or even bury them any further, spastically throwing the shovel on the body as they lay in tears, curled up, shaking in sheer confusion and bleeding from the back of the skull to the puddle of blood leading to the ear canal from the sever concusion not fifteen minutes before, right outside your blood spattered, gasoline soaked vehicle. Whether you act blindly to this or not, it happened. And a shuffle of tight laced boots can be heard at your back door - a small break of silence becomes the calm before the storm.
trauma is sexy

echo [19 Jan 2006|10:22pm]
well, its been along time since ive used this journal, (technically three years this month) so i figured i'd make alittle update to the handful of people who still use these old, dead, journals. after like 2 or so years i decided to really clean up my friends list and it kind of sucks going through-seeing all these people i was once so close with-move on and/or completely drop off the face of the planet. thats the way life goes though, and youre left sifting through all of your old memories. man, i wish i was five years younger again; though the past is the past.
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[28 Jun 2005|01:32pm]
i dont use this journal anymore. that is, if you couldnt already tell. but im using myspase for the moment. http://www.myspace.com/18538219
trauma is sexy

[23 Mar 2004|03:40pm]
All I need in this life of sin
Is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride to the bloody end
Just me and my girlfriend
trauma is sexy

[19 Mar 2004|07:14pm]
hmm, since my layout's been down because of sites being down, i no longer have a man dismembering himself - but instead a nice, little pink backround. go figure. anybody still around?
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[07 Jan 2003|12:33pm]
communication has now ended. this journal sleeps beyond the flow of time.
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lj cut? hmm, :-/ no [02 Jan 2003|06:24pm]
the eyes only react to what theyre being shown.
a man for instince will more than likely harrass a woman who is wearing barely anything over a women who is bundled up.
you hear it so much about how a chick has been "abused", and its got to make you wonder what they were wearing at the time this event happened.
women always get left with a baby they cant handle after a male runs out the door, it also makes you wonder, why women go for crack headed, manly, wild guys too.
smart one. "i'll find a crazy male i know will lead me on, have my panties off, and fuck me over." and you thought you could change that crazy guy, into being a crazy fun, loving type. HA. you're now stuck with a baby, and a harsh, cold reality.
trauma is sexy

[02 Jan 2003|06:20pm]
this song has some truth to it: curl up and die - you'd be cuter if i shot you in the face
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I HATE BITCHES WHO LIVE LIES [02 Jan 2003|05:58pm]
i hate whores who shouldnt be having children. i hate fucking people that are so fucking nice to your face, but they dont have the fucking balls to tell you any of THAT SHIT THEY TALK. the internet is a wonderful tool for talking crap. (eneter sarcasm) but i guess that makes them that fucking HARDCORE. shut up bitch. i hate calling women BITCHES, but seriously, sometimes they ask for it just because they know you wont fuck with them because theyre women. im sorry, i feel that it is very wrong to hit a woman, unless shes playing a manly role, (like getting ready to attack you) then she deserves to get dragged by her hair. youre just paraniod/not apart of my life anyways if you think this is about you. so... FUCK off. OOoOoooOo women who get raped, i wonder why? whats even worse, when you love a woman and she yells rape after fucking you forever. i hate bitches who fake pregnant over the net so that they can gain some atenttion. keep your nasty ass legs shut. no, wait! im wrong, your probably really prude. shit, i might be making this whole post up so you'll read it. women that hate being 'sexually harrased', HERES A TIP: QUITE DRESSING LIKE A SLUT.
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[01 Jan 2003|06:33pm]
wanting people to listen
you cant just
tap them on the shoulder
you have to hit them
with a
sludge hammer
trauma is sexy

the closest thing to time travel? THAT would be drinking [31 Dec 2002|10:52pm]
FUCK the new years. who gives a fuck! its just the fourth number added up one! it goes on and on until we are no more! whether we had such a thing as a 'year' or not, we are living in the past, present, and future. you cant block what has happened out! its not possible! the human brain wont let you forget the past. the limbic system - hippocampus and amygdala hold all of those memories that you want to forget, and stores them directly into your long term memory bank. blanking things out just wont work, live with it, and move on. so many people want to change their lifestyle and all when the knew year comes around, whats the difference, are you telling me that because of a date, a 'year', is going to tell you when to change?! thats fucked up.
trauma is sexy

nothing better than being stuck at home tonight :*-( [31 Dec 2002|04:36pm]
today rocked. woke up really late, went to god of record stores - streetside, i bought:
regurgitate-carnivorous erection (even though i wanted the new ep, hate filled vengeance)
broke-a clear perspective of nothing (which by the way come from right around here, st louis to be exact, and they are the only band thats made it big so far from missouri that ROCKS. (saved by grace is going to be in no time though) go listen to broke at rotten records! ;) in fact, i think they have their song playing the second you enter the site! they sound a bit like coal chamber, but better of course. just had to give them some 'props'.)
and i got the agnostic front album-somethings gotta give for ambers new record player.
oh and i got wendys for dinner, wendys kicks anus.
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my thoughts exactly tiffeh [29 Dec 2002|09:02pm]
a girl and her clapper, it's a beautiful thing
trauma is sexy

[29 Dec 2002|08:31pm]
Dreaming of that face again. It's bright and blue and shimmering. Grinning wide and comforting me with it's three warm and wild eyes
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[28 Dec 2002|04:50pm]
ok, heres an actual post, havent done one of these in a while. not that you care. i woke up at 6:30 to get ready for work. fun stuff, what i thought would last about 8 or 9 hours lasted over 12 hours. not fun. who still reads this? amber and i were supposed to go see the local band given with honer last night but ashly never showed for on, amber was real sick, and because i had to work all goddamn day like i just said. all in all, not a bad night though. made 108 bucks, not bad.
8 tickets to the car crash\trauma is sexy

[28 Dec 2002|09:40am]
its been a few days since ive got on the net, so i really havent been checking lj often. we just recieved omar and jobys christmas card, and your right tiff, IT IS a fluffy santa! thanks guys! ;D
2 tickets to the car crash\trauma is sexy

[26 Dec 2002|02:39pm]
i havent felt up to posting lately
4 tickets to the car crash\trauma is sexy

[23 Dec 2002|05:36pm]
ah, i just got benumbs cd in the mail today, a whole month ahead of time. *sighs*
trauma is sexy

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