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nothing better than being stuck at home tonight :*-(

today rocked. woke up really late, went to god of record stores - streetside, i bought:
regurgitate-carnivorous erection (even though i wanted the new ep, hate filled vengeance)
broke-a clear perspective of nothing (which by the way come from right around here, st louis to be exact, and they are the only band thats made it big so far from missouri that ROCKS. (saved by grace is going to be in no time though) go listen to broke at rotten records! ;) in fact, i think they have their song playing the second you enter the site! they sound a bit like coal chamber, but better of course. just had to give them some 'props'.)
and i got the agnostic front album-somethings gotta give for ambers new record player.
oh and i got wendys for dinner, wendys kicks anus.
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CARNIVOROUS ERECTION OOWWWNNNSSS!! I got that album about a year ago and love it. Regurgitate is one of the first grind bands I've gotten into.

\m/ Happy New Year, B-man! \m/

you wouldn't like wendys if u knew how the food was made...a bunch of my friends have worked there before and they told me how its done. dont eat the chili. thats the nastiest shit.
hapopopy neaew yeharsy!!!