Jesus tap-dancing Christ (jesustapdancing) wrote,
Jesus tap-dancing Christ

the closest thing to time travel? THAT would be drinking

FUCK the new years. who gives a fuck! its just the fourth number added up one! it goes on and on until we are no more! whether we had such a thing as a 'year' or not, we are living in the past, present, and future. you cant block what has happened out! its not possible! the human brain wont let you forget the past. the limbic system - hippocampus and amygdala hold all of those memories that you want to forget, and stores them directly into your long term memory bank. blanking things out just wont work, live with it, and move on. so many people want to change their lifestyle and all when the knew year comes around, whats the difference, are you telling me that because of a date, a 'year', is going to tell you when to change?! thats fucked up.
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