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i hate whores who shouldnt be having children. i hate fucking people that are so fucking nice to your face, but they dont have the fucking balls to tell you any of THAT SHIT THEY TALK. the internet is a wonderful tool for talking crap. (eneter sarcasm) but i guess that makes them that fucking HARDCORE. shut up bitch. i hate calling women BITCHES, but seriously, sometimes they ask for it just because they know you wont fuck with them because theyre women. im sorry, i feel that it is very wrong to hit a woman, unless shes playing a manly role, (like getting ready to attack you) then she deserves to get dragged by her hair. youre just paraniod/not apart of my life anyways if you think this is about you. so... FUCK off. OOoOoooOo women who get raped, i wonder why? whats even worse, when you love a woman and she yells rape after fucking you forever. i hate bitches who fake pregnant over the net so that they can gain some atenttion. keep your nasty ass legs shut. no, wait! im wrong, your probably really prude. shit, i might be making this whole post up so you'll read it. women that hate being 'sexually harrased', HERES A TIP: QUITE DRESSING LIKE A SLUT.
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