Jesus tap-dancing Christ (jesustapdancing) wrote,
Jesus tap-dancing Christ

lj cut? hmm, :-/ no

the eyes only react to what theyre being shown.
a man for instince will more than likely harrass a woman who is wearing barely anything over a women who is bundled up.
you hear it so much about how a chick has been "abused", and its got to make you wonder what they were wearing at the time this event happened.
women always get left with a baby they cant handle after a male runs out the door, it also makes you wonder, why women go for crack headed, manly, wild guys too.
smart one. "i'll find a crazy male i know will lead me on, have my panties off, and fuck me over." and you thought you could change that crazy guy, into being a crazy fun, loving type. HA. you're now stuck with a baby, and a harsh, cold reality.
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